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About Us

Making Events Memorable Since 2014

At Twisted Lemons, we're passionate about making your event memorable by providing you with the best frozen beverage experience possible. Our refreshing and unique flavors are perfect for elevating any occasion, from corporate events to food truck rodeos. Our family-owned business is dedicated to delivering authentic recipes with fresh ingredients reimagined. We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and we're excited to share our passion with you at your next event.

Our Heritage

Making Events Memorable Since 2014


Family-Owned and Operated

We opened our doors in 2013, when we launched our signature product - Shaved Ice. Since, we've expanded our menu to include premier frozen lemonade!


Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is deeply rooted in our family history, and we take pride in continuing that legacy.


Elevating Frozen Beverages

Our passion for creating unique and refreshing frozen beverages began with a little taste of the South. We were inspired by the flavors and culture of North Carolina and wanted to share that experience with the community.


Authentic Menu Selections

At Twisted Lemons, we're committed to crafting unique frozen beverages tailored to your taste. Explore our menu and add your choice of flavors to every lemonade!

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