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School Events

We understand the importance of tailoring our services to fit the unique needs of each student population. Our customizable menu allows us to create the ideal frozen beverages for any occasion. Plus, our friendly and experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring that your event runs smoothly, making Twisted Lemons the go-to choice.


Private and Public Elementary, Middle, and High Schools: Twisted Lemons brings the joy of frozen beverages to school events. From dances, fundraisers, and sports games, our delightful drinks are a hit among students and faculty alike. Stay refreshed and energized with our premium drink selection.

Private and Public College Campuses: For college students seeking a refreshing break from their studies, Twisted Lemons is your campus oasis. Our irresistible frozen beverages, offer the perfect respite between classes, during study sessions, or at campus events. We'll keep your college experience cool and memorable.

A Few of Our Happy School Clients Include

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Available Menu Selections

Frozen Lemonade

Satisfy all age groups with our Frozen Lemonade Service, perfect for private and public elementary, middle, high, and college events. Our refreshing, non-alcoholic lemonades are a hit at school functions, providing a burst of flavor that delights students and staff alike, adding a zesty twist to any event.

Shaved Ice

Cool off your school events with our Shaved Ice Service, suitable for private and public elementary, middle, high, and college gatherings. Our colorful shaved ice treats are a hit with students and faculty, offering a refreshing, customizable option that brings a fun and tasty element to any occasion.

Partnership Opportunities:

Partnership opportunities to make your next School Event memorable may include, but are not limited to, the following:


Host a school fundraiser with Twisted Lemons and treat students and parents to a fun and delicious way to raise money for your educational needs. Our lemonade and shaved ice offerings will add a refreshing twist to your event, while the proceeds support your school's important initiatives.

Homecoming or Dance Concessions

Make your homecoming or dance event unforgettable by featuring Twisted Lemons as your concessions vendor. Our delightful lemonades and shaved ice will add a splash of vibrant flavor and excitement to the celebration, ensuring everyone has a fun time on the dance floor.

Sporting Event Concessions

Elevate your sporting event concessions with Twisted Lemons, offering fans a cool and flavorful experience with our lemonade and shaved ice treats. Whether it's a little league game or a major tournament, our offerings will keep the crowd refreshed and energized while enhancing the overall game-day experience.

Back-to-School and End-of-Year Celebrations

Kick off the school year or bid it farewell with a burst of flavor by hosting end-of-year or back-to-school event concessions with Twisted Lemons. Our lemonade and shaved ice offerings will add a refreshing and sweet touch to these special moments, creating lasting memories for students, parents, and faculty alike.

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