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Festive Events

Book Twisted Lemons for your festival, cultural, or community event and treat your attendees to a refreshing and delightful experience. Our vendor services offer a tantalizing array of lemonade, slushy, and shaved ice that will quench any thirst and satisfy sweet cravings. With vibrant flavors and top-notch service, Twisted Lemons is the perfect choice to add a burst of citrusy excitement to your festival.

A Few of Our Happy Festival Clients Include


Available Menu Selections

Frozen Lemonade

Elevate your event with our Frozen Lemonade Service. Our expert mixologists craft zesty, ice-cold lemonades that invigorate and impress. A refreshing addition to cultural festivals, community events, and more.

Frozen Slushies

Elevate your beverage game with Twisted Lemons' slushies. Our slushies are a delicious fusion of bold flavors and icy refreshment, perfect for cooling down on a hot day. Book Twisted Lemons to add a burst of flavor to your event and delight your guests with our frozen, thirst-quenching treats.

Shaved Ice

Transform your event into a cool and colorful experience with our Shaved Ice Service. Our vibrant, fluffy shaved ice treats are a fun, customizable option that adds a refreshing twist to meetings, celebrations, and team-building activities.

Book Twisted Lemons

Book Twisted Lemons now for a zestful event! 🍋 Refreshment redefined.

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